"The Edge of a Second Sexual Revolution?"

Are We at the Edge of a 2°Sexual Revolution?
Do you remember your first formal lesson about the birds and the bees? Our biology or health teachers stood before a classroom full of giggling, squirming preteens and told us how babies are made. The best way to make a baby, they said, is to find someone you love, get married, and have sex.

The image we had of a stork delivering a blue or pink-swaddled bundle to parents’ outstretched arms was shattered, and we started to accept the realities of procreation. Eventually, we assumed we had it all figured out. Well, brace yourself, because according to serial entrepreneur Martin Varsavsky, all our existing beliefs about procreation are about to be shattered again. Varsavsky is CEO and founder of family planning startup Prelude Fertility, and in a presentation at Singularity University’s 2016 Global Summit last week, he explained why his company wants to help start the second sexual revolution. SEE THIS FULL ARTICLE  VIA SINGULARITY HUB. 

"Yoga, Happiness and Science"

How yoga makes us happy according to Science
 By Agnieszka Golec de Zavala  & Dorottya Lantos 

Can we really unlock our personal power by adopting “powerful” body postures? Unfortunately, the findings that link these so-called “power poses” beloved of certain politicians with a real sense of power and control are difficult to replicate. We may not yet understand the mechanism through which body postures influence our psychological states, but our recent study suggests that we may draw insights from the rapidly expanding research on the psychological benefits of yoga.

Yoga is the practice of non-competitive, physical exercise involving held poses (in Sanskrit, asana) combined with regulated breathing (pranayama) and meditation techniques. The past few decades have seen a great increase in the practice of yoga in the West. Over 31m adults in the US have practised yoga at some point in their lives. Multiple studies point to the positive effects of yoga on mental and physical health, as well as on personal development. 


Great mural by @jamesklinge_art in #Glasgow. #Photography with @redbulluk athlete and legend @danny_macaskill seen here doing his thing up on this amazing mural.

"Appetite for Destruction"

"Appetite for Destruction" 
"Guns N' Roses 'Appetite for Destruction': Filthy, Sexy, Cool" by Brian Hiatt. How GN'R mixed drugs, punk and classic rock to make their brilliantly trashy debut... Go inside the making of their legendary debut.

"It was just hard-core good times," says Slash. "Going out there and doing whatever we wanted." But unlike their poufy-haired peers on the Sunset Strip scene, G n' R managed to transmute their wild times into lasting music: ferocious, sexy hard rock that found common ground between Aerosmith and the Sex Pistols, Lynyrd Skynyrd and the New York Dolls. SEE THIS FULL ARTICLE  VIA ROLLING STONE. 

"RIP Chester Bennington"

Rest in Peace "Chester Bennington"
The Linkin Park voice
Sometimes the demons are too hard to fight.
Linkin Park's music has long explored themes of alienation, inner demons and personal suffering, making the suicide of the band's lead singer Chester Bennington an especially tragic and heavy loss. Watch the Essential Songs of Linkin Park.

"Science in service to the public good"

"Science in service to the public good"

"We give scientists and engineers great technical training, but we're not as good at teaching ethical decision-making or building character. Take, for example, the environmental crisis that recently unfolded in Flint, Michigan — and the professionals there who did nothing to fix it.

Siddhartha Roy helped prove that Flint's water was contaminated, and he tells a story of science in service to the public good, calling on the next generation of scientists and engineers to dedicate their work to protecting people and the planet. WATCH NOW THIS GREAT TED TALK . 

"Game of Thrones" Dragonstone

 "GAMES OF THRONES"  Winter is here
This Amazing Serie is  already the most successful drama in history; and now is coming the  season 7  in "Dragonstone" via HBO. After the dramatic events in season 6, fans are eagerly waiting to find out.

"Radiohead Rhapsody in Gloom"

OK COMPUTER 20 Years Later

  Released in the spring of 1997 – a time when music was fragmenting into a thicket of subgenres and the relevance of guitar rock seemed to be fading – OK Computer was the last masterpiece of the alt-rock movement, and a reminder that there's still room for rock bands to carry on the late-Beatles mission of using the studio to create grand artistic statements with heretofore unheard sounds. "It was the album where they threw everything out the window," says Yorke's friend Michael Stipe. "They re-imagined and decontextualized what it was to be a band. It was a yearning, emotive, grounded urge to create something real."

Thom Yorke has four words of blunt advice for his younger, twitchier self, that paranoid twentysomething humanoid who made his band's turn-of-the-millennium masterpieces. "Lighten the fuck up," Yorke says, laughing hard. Radiohead's frontman, who turned 48 in October, is long past his days of hiding in tour buses and venting pain and fear into spiral notebooks. Now, he dances onstage and DJ's in clubs. READ NOW THIS GREAT ARTICLE ABOUT "OK COMPUTER" ON 20TH ANNIVERSARY VIA ROLLING STONE. 


by @msanhuezacelsi via EcoworldReactor

"La escena va cambiando, el sonido, el estilo; la gente que escucha música va cambiando. Todo va en constante evolución, y es importante que como artistas estemos presente de ello" Claudio Valenzuela, Líder de Lucybell. Tras 10 años de silencio discográfico la banda de rock  Lucybell  lanza su nuevo disco "Magnético". El cúal en el sitio oficial de Lucybell se encuentra disponible en forma digital y gratuita durante las próximas 24 horas, desde las 11:00 AM de hoy en Mexico.
Lucybell es una banda de Rock Chilena con mas de 20 años de trayectoria que a surcado por distintas formaciones y sonidos,  que le han permitido evolucionar  creando un rock único y estilizado, aunque nunca se ha a alejado de su sonido característico han sabido reinventarse al mismo tiempo de seguir transmitiendo las mismas vibraciones y sentimientos de sus orígenes, lo cual les a permitido consolidarse en latinoamerica cruzando las fronteras de su natal Chile. AHORA LES PRESENTAMOS SU NUEVO DISCO QUE SE PODRÁ DESCARGAR GRATIS VIA PORTALDISC.COM


HAPPY WORLD DAY OF ROCK!  "Music gives a Soul to the universe, wings to the Mind, flight to the Imagination, and life to everything" Plato. Rock is more than music, is Passion, is Actitude, is inspiration, is Revolution!.
July 13 is recognized as World Rock Day. The date celebrates rock annually and was chosen in honor of Live Aid, a mega event that happened on that day in 1985. The celebration is a reference to a desire expressed by Phil Collins, who participated in the event, would like to see it as the "world rock day". The event was also known to feature such great artists as Queen, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, Elton John, Paul McCartney, David Bowie, U2 among others.


"When Woman Is Boss" Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla on Gender Equality and Technology

When Woman Is Boss: Nikola Tesla on Gender Equality and How Technology Will Unleash Women’s True Potential. The legendary inventor predicts “the acquisition of new fields of endeavor by women” and “their gradual usurpation of leadership.”Engineer, physicist, and futurist Nikola Tesla (July 10, 1856–January 7, 1943) is among the most radical rule-breakers of science and is regarded by many as the greatest inventor in human history. His groundbreaking work paved the way for wireless communication and imprinted every electrical device we use today.

Without Tesla, I wouldn’t be writing these words on this keyboard and you wouldn’t be reading them on this screen. But like all true geniuses, Tesla envisioned not only the practical applications of his inventions but the profound cultural shifts that any successful technology precipitates. One of the most surprising, most obscure, yet most incisive of Tesla’s predictions peers into the future of society’s changing gender roles and considers how the advent of wireless technology would empower women, liberating us to develop our full intellectual potential repressed by the patriarchy for centuries. Read Now This Amazing Article About Frida On 110th Birthday Anniversary via Brainpickings. 

"Butterflies in my stomach" Anya Anti

 "Butterflies in my stomach"
La Surreal Anya Anti
By @msanhuezacelsi via Ecoworlreactor

"Butterflies in my stomach - es una sensación de ansiedad y nerviosismo dentro de uno mismo (dentro del estomago). Esta imagen es una metáfora de tratar con el estrés, la ansiedad y la liberación de mis errores internos. He tenido problemas con los pensamientos oscuros y la depresión durante los últimos dos años y esta imagen representa mi intento de reconsiderar mi vida y de renacer en una nueva persona " Anya Anti.

Anya Ant es una fotógrafa Ucranina que su sello distintivo es la creación de retratos femeninos surrealistas, sus  imágenes cuentan historias, revelan sentimientos que a través de figuras inspiradas en cuentos de hadas toman formas místicas, femeninas, frágiles y reflexivas. El Arte de Anya  refleja sus profundas emociones, la pasión por lo desconocido y el ansia de belleza; tratando de mostrar una hermosa imagen y técnicas de fotografía, pero al mismo tiempo poder transmitir una idea, el estado de ánimo, la atmósfera y las asociaciones.

"Viva Frida"

Celebrating Frida Kahlo’s Story and Spirit

The story of creative culture’s most uncommon Alice in a luminous Wonderland of her own making.Mexican painter Frida Kahlo (July 6, 1907–July 13, 1954) was a woman of vibrantly tenacious spirit who overcame an unfair share of adversity to become one of humanity’s most remarkable artists and a wholehearted human being out of whom poured passionate love letters and compassionate friend-letters.

Kahlo’s singular spirit and story spring to life in the immeasurably wonderful Viva Frida (public library) by writer/illustrator Yuyi Morales and photographer Tim O’Meara.  In simple, lyrical words and enchanting photo-illustrations, this dreamlike bilingual beauty tells the story of an uncommon Alice in a luminous Wonderland of her own making. Read Now This Amazing Article About Frida On 110th Birthday Anniversary via Brainpickings. 

"Kafka on why we read"


"A book must be the axe for the frozen sea inside us"  Kafka, born on this day in 1883. Kafka on Books and What Reading Does for the Human Spirit.


Extraordinary sensitivity to the beauty of life: Franz Kafka (July 3, 1883–June 3, 1924). “Reading is the work of the alert mind, is demanding, and under ideal conditions produces finally a sort of ecstasy” Franz Kafka.