International Space Station Expedition 30 Timelapse

Technology & Space

  Timelapse EARTHEREAL

The International Space Station Expedition 30 crew shot some truly awe-inspiring time-lapse sequences flying over practically every square mile of the globe.

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Open Art, Open Creativity

    "Night On The River"  Image by @msanhuezacelsi

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The Internet Revolution

Technology & Disruption

The Internet Revolution is the New Industrial Revolution

   By Micha Kaufman  via Forbes

In the mid-90s, ARPANet was transformed from a military safety net to the civilian Internet that has become such an integral part of our lives, bringing with it change not only technological, but societal and epic in scope.
Consider the following: Forty years ago, the average person followed an employment path largely determined by birth and education, often committing to one employer until retirement. Today you probably wouldn’t even consider that as a viable option. Success is no longer solely determined by the right education, the perfect resume, or even your age and background. Teens as young as 12 are now coding websites, producing films and building networks through social media. By the time they’re adults, this online generation will already have some skills and real-world experience that a formal education just can’t provide.

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Rock Design - Tribute to Rock Art

Image by @msanhuezacelsi

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What Is Sustainable Living?


Sustainability & Life

What Is Sustainable Living?

It is believed that the concept of sustainable living began in the 19th century, long before solar panels, geothermal energy, and renewable energy were even thought about. Before anyone wrote books about environmental issues, farmers began to realize that agricultural crops depleted the soil, unaware that crop rotation was the way to maintain the land.
The need for a sustainable development became more apparent as cities began to grow and resources began to diminish in quantity and value. In the early 1800s, some people began to develop personal lifestyles that were conservative and took into account environmental issues.

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Grand Square Dance - Lullaby "LIve" cover at Paris

Rock & Roll - The Cure Cover at Paris

Grand Square Dance "Lullaby" Live

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"Statoil Campaign" Project By Souverein Weesp

"Statoil Campaign" Project by Souverein via  Behance/Statoil-Campaign

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100 Years Of Rock Music In Less Than A Minute

Check out the really cool visuals right here via

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Smart Cities

Sustainability & Technology

How Does a Smart City Happen?

by Charbel Aoun via
Cities are not about technology – yet technology can clearly help cities become better places to live, work and play. Technology improves urban efficiency, quality of urban life, as well as the economic, social and environmental attractiveness that makes cities prosper.

Citizens may not care about technology – but they do care about the reliability of the infrastructures they use every day; about the savings they can make by being more resource-efficient in how they use them; about the quality and availability of the public services that are provided to them by the city – all of which can be improved by technology.

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Windows socket

Eco-friendly Design
 "Windows Socket" Solar energy for You
    by Boa Oh & Kyuho Song


Windows socket is a harmless solar energy powered direct power source designed by designers Boa Oh & Kyuho Song. 

This plug socket has no wire or any other gadgets attached, 'windows socket itself converts the solar power into direct power in an eco-friendly way and delivers it as a direct power. Simple in design, the plug just attaches to any window and does its job intuitively.

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Lifecycle of a Smart Phone: Infographic


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