"Homage to Méliès" by the Smashing Pumpkins

Homage to Georges Méliès

"Createur du Spectacle Cinematographique"

The Smashing Pumpkins 'Tonight, tonight'


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Clean Water for All

Sustainability & Technology


" Clean Water for All"


 Learn how a smart new business is expanding access to water around the globe with a sustainable and innovative wastewater treatment technology.

For Matías Sjogren, CEO and founder of Biofitro, the motivation for founding Biofiltro was simple. With more than 2.6 billion people worldwide without effective water treatment services, and with access to safe water sources increasingly scarce, he saw an opportunity to make an impact.

Using an innovative and sustainable process called the BIDA® system, which uses bacteria and earthworm humus to process organic waste in wastewater and industrial liquid waste, the Biofiltro team is able to obtain clean water suitable for irrigation, which accounts for 70% of water usage worldwide. Additionally, in contrast to conventional wastewater and industrial liquid waste treatment systems, which use harsh chemicals and produce harsh pollutants as a byproduct of the purification process, the BIDA® system’s biologically based, chemical-free process instead generates byproducts that can be used as natural fertilizer while allowing treatment plants to save up to 80% on energy costs as compared to conventional technologies.

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Making It Big: Strategies for scaling social innovations

  Publications & Social INNovation

  Making It Big: Strategies for scaling social innovations

By Madeleine Gabriel via Nesta

This report aims to help social innovators consider the best options for scaling up their innovations.
Key Findings

 Scaling isn’t for everyone. Not all innovations are scalable, and scaling brings risks. But where social innovations have potential to benefit more people, we think innovators should at least consider whether and how their innovation can grow.


Social innovators have choices about routes to scale. Scaling is not just about growing organisations. It’s about growing a social innovation’s impact to match the level of need.

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LEGO Ferrari F1 Car "Full Size"

Creativity & Sports

LEGO Ferrari F1 Car

"Full Size"

  See how Shell, Ferrari and the LEGO Group came together to build a full size Ferrari F150° out of LEGO bricks.

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Hans Rosling and Developing World

Sustainable Development

Stats that reshape your worldview 

You've never seen data presented like this. With the drama and urgency of a sportscaster, statistics guru Hans Rosling debunks myths about the so-called "developing  world." Rosling uses his fascinating data-bubble software to burst myths about the developing world.

Global trends in health and economics come to vivid life. And the big picture of global development—with some surprisingly good news—snaps into sharp focus."Rosling believes that making information more accessible has the potential to change the quality of the information itself." Business Week Online

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Lacuna Coil "Swamped" LIVE

"Music gives a Soul to the universe, wings to the Mind, flight to the Imagination, and life to everything" Plato.

"Swamped" is a song by Lacuna Coil. It was released as the second and final single from their third studio album Comalies. The song features a male and female vocal track, guitar-playing and orchestral string backing.

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Bacteria Beware: Finding solutions under the microscope

Sustainability & Technology

"Meet the entrepreneur who is revolutionizing the livestock industry"

Improving the quality of life for the millions of people who are affected by food poisoning every day is the goal of Phage Technologies, the company founded by three young biotechnological engineers from the Universidad Andrés Bello sought to form a business dedicated to developing biotechnological products to solve everyday public health problems. In 2010 the team received financing from private investors and joined forces with the Fundación Ciencia & Vida (Foundation Science & Life). Phage Technologies developed a commercial product using bacteriophages as a natural means of controlling bacteria. The product is applied in an easy and safe way directly to foodstuffs, thus changing the existing paradigm surrounding traditional ways to disinfect food products.

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