"Steve Jobs" Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

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"Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish"

Steve Jobs' Stanford Commencement Speech

Drawing from some of the most pivotal points in his life, Steve Jobs, chief executive officer and co-founder of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios, urged graduates to pursue their dreams and see the opportunities in life's setbacks, including death itself,  at the university's 114th Commencement on June 12, 2005. 

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Stone Temple Pilots "Crackerman" LIVE

Upon his death, many critics and peers offered reevaluations of Weiland's life and career, including David Fricke of Rolling Stone and Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins, the latter calling Weiland one of three "voices of the generation" alongside Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley.

Crackerman" from "Core" the debut album by American rock band Stone Temple Pilots, released on September 29, 1992 through Atlantic Records.  While initially displaying a sound typically identified as grunge early on in its career, further releases from the band expressed a variety of influences, including psychedelic rock, bossa nova and classic rock.

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"CRISPR is going to revolutionize our food system" and start a new war over GMOs

ART: Illustration by Eric Palma.

The gene-editing tool could create drought-resistant grain or allergy-free peanuts. Will a society on edge about genetically modified food embrace this newest innovation?

In five years, there might be a little CRISPR-edited corn in your breakfast cereal or CRISPR-edited wheat in your pasta. CRISPR'd tomatoes and CRISPR'd pork might follow. There's already a little CRISPR in your yogurt.

It's not hyperbolic to say that CRISPR-Cas9—new technology that makes it possible to quickly and easily edit DNA—is changing the future of food. The method could eventually be used to tweak almost anything we eat, selecting traits that can make agriculture more environmentally sustainable and productive, or the resulting food healthier. Full Article via FAST CO.EXIT

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Social Innovation for Social Good

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"Social Innovation for Social Good"

Gopi Kallayil via TEDxBerkeley
In this TEDxTalk Gopi Kallayil takes us on a journey of worldwide examples in which social media makes a difference in the lives of people. The power of social media as a driver for social innovation.

 “When people have access to knowledge, the find solutions for their problems”.

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"A Water Carrier" For The Developing World That Cleans As It Rolls

"A Water Carrier"

For The Developing World That Cleans As It Rolls 
via FastCoexist &

With a few simple modifications, the same five-gallon barrels used for storage can be repurposed to solve a major barrier to clean water access for millions of people.

Millions of people lack access to tap water, and every day, need to lug water to their homes from streams, lakes, and collective faucets. We've written about several helpful tools to help them carry water, including these wheels and balls. But SafeSIPP--a new device from three Arizona State graduates--has the potential to do more. In addition to transporting water, it also cleans the water at the same time.

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"Einstein sólo creía en el Dios de Spinoza"¿Sabes cómo es?

"Einstein sólo creía en el Dios de Spinoza" 
¿Sabes cómo es?
  Por María Hidalgo via

“Creo en el Dios de Spinoza, quien se revela así mismo en una armonía de lo existente, no en un Dios que se interesa por el destino y las acciones de los seres humanos”.

Sabían que cuando Einstein daba alguna conferencia en las numerosas universidades, la pregunta recurrente que le hacían los estudiantes era:

-¿Cree Ud. en Dios?  y  él siempre respondía:   "Creo en el Dios de Spinoza."
El que no había leído a Spinoza se sorprenderá. Baruch de Spinoza fue un filósofo Holandés considerado uno de los tres grandes racionalistas de la filosofía del siglo XVII, junto con el francés Descartes. Ve el articulo completo via

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"La Educación Anti-Emprendedora"

  Columna por Roberto Musso via

Columna de Roberto Musso (Digevo Group). El sistema educativo actual no nos prepara para realmente pensar. Tampoco para crear cosas nuevas, atrevernos, dar el salto, despojarnos de la comodidad y hacer realidad ideas nuevas.

Desde muy pequeños somos educados para hacer las tareas, tener buenas notas y encontrar un trabajo, pero no para ser emprendedores. La educación tradicional nos entrena para aceptar las verdades sin cuestionarlas, nos exige adaptarnos a un determinado ritmo de responsabilidad, a técnicas antiguas de enseñanza, sin distingo de intereses ni capacidades, con jornadas extenuantes e inmersos en un ambiente 100% competitivo y muy poco colaborativo. El 99% de los estudiantes no fueron entrenados para emprender.

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Passion - Creative Commons "LIVE" Gallery

 This great photography  is  "Passion" by (CC BY NC ND). More Photos  on "Creative Commons LIVE Gallery" via EcoworldReactor BLOG. 

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"Burn The Witch" The return of RADIOHEAD

Rock N'roll
    "Burn The Witch"


A still from Radiohead’s new video for the song “Burn the Witch.” Radiohead’s twitchy, anxious melodies express true apprehension about the future: both where we’re going and, more important, how we’re going to get there (by newyorker).

"Burn the Witch" is a song by English rock band Radiohead. Following a long recording history, it was released as a download on 3 May 2016, accompanied by a stop-motion animated music video that pays homage to the 1960s British children's television programme Camberwick Green and the 1973 British horror film The Wicker Man.

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"Get Free Housing Designs From A Pritzker Prize-Winning Architect"

By Diana Budds via FastCo.Design

Alejandro Aravena released four housing plans online in the hopes of making well-designed, low-cost housing more accessible.


Befitting its reputation for socially driven architecture, Elemental—the Santiago, Chile–based firm of this year's Pritzker Prize laureate, Alejandro Aravena—has made plans for four of its low-cost housing designs free to the public.

In doing so, the firm is making good on its mission to use architecture to solve the global housing and rapid-urbanization crisis by making its work more accessible.

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